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Summertime… and the livin’ is easy. Vacations are coming and you’ll find yourself with actual, honest-to-goodness free time! Don’t panic. We have an idea that will not only satisfy your craving for constant contact with your phone but can also help you in advancing your career while giving your eyeballs a summer respite.

Face it, try as you may, you’ll be just as attached to your smartphone on vacation as you are any other time. Sure, you’ll say you’re just checking Instagram, but we all know you’ll also be sneaking a look at work e-mails.

Don’t do it! Instead, download some podcasts. These will allow you to learn and grow without having to deal with lugging around a 500 page tome. There are literally thousands of podcasts out there and many different ways to download them to your phone. You can use iTunes or an app like Stitcher.

However, before you start searching, may we suggest some of the following for your beach listening pleasure:

  • Pivot With Jenny Blake
    She is the author of the book “Pivot” and focuses on how career professionals can keep agile in a changing workforce.
  • Manager Tools
    This award winning podcast is aimed at helping professionals become more effective managers and leaders.
  • The Career Catalyst
    Full of “how to’s”, this podcast from a certified executive coach will help you with identifying and refining strategies necessary in advancing your career.
  • Back To Work
    This podcast discusses productivity, communication, work, barriers, and more.
  • Career Tools
    Another award winner that focuses on specific actions you can take to grow and enhance your career.
  • The Classy Career Girl
    The website was named by Forbes as one of the 35 most influential career sites in 2014. The podcast features training sessions, success stories, interviews, and more.
  • The Voice of Job Seekers
    This one is for all unemployed, under employed, and under-appreciated job seekers.

We are not endorsing the above podcasts, merely offering them as a starting point for advancing your learning curve. Please let us know how you liked them or if you found other worthwhile podcasts we can share.

Have a great vacation!

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This article was written by: Steve Allan

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