Goodwill of Greater Washington’s time-limited job coaching service is accredited by the Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitation Services (DARS), Maryland State Department of Education Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) and the District of Columbia Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA).

Goodwill’s DORS and RSA funded job coaching program is designed to assist the person served with their specific job requirements learn work-related activities such as time and attendance rules and learn appropriate work-related (including social) behaviors when dealing with supervisors and co-workers.

Qualified individuals with disabilities who are individually placed in community employment are provided with a Career Coach.

Successful placement is always contingent upon the new employee’s ability to meet the needs of the employer and acclimate to their new role. The job coaching services vary per individual served and are time-limited.

Coaching & Service Overview

Frequency of Services:

Individualized and will be developed during the initial individual employment and support plan meeting.

Service Location:
  • Training will take place at the persons served employment, or
  • An agreed upon location within the community that is convenient to the person served and the service provider.
Hours & Days of Services: 

Hours and days of service are individualized and will be developed during the initial individual employment and support plan meeting

Service Fees: 

No fee to persons served; funded through DRS, DORS, RSA and Goodwill Retail Division.

Job Coaching & Retention Services Application Process

  • Application: Candidates will need a referral from a DORS, DARS, or RSA Counselor. Please mail or email the referral form, proof of disability, and authorization for payment to:Goodwill of Greater Washington
    Attn: Jamin Hollingsworth
    2013 H Street, NW, Suite 402
    Washington, DC 20006
  • Evaluation: Allocate two (2) hours for this step. Referral attends an individual intake/information session at 2013 H Street, NW, Washington, DC (Metro Accessible) or their place of employment. Meet with a Workforce Development team member to review your job coaching support needs.
  • Selection Notification: Referrals that are selected to receive time-limited job coaching services will be notified via telephone and an official letter of congratulations will be sent to the address on their application for services and assigned DORS, DARS, or RSA Counselor.If steps 2 and 3 are not successfully completed, the applicant cannot be considered for services and a non-acceptance letter is sent with reason and recommendation for services.

Admission is based on both objective and subjective criteria. Admission decisions for training programs are based ultimately on the referral’s need for training and potential to successfully complete.

Coaching & Service Requirements
  • Currently employed
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Documented disability
  • Referral from DARS, DORS or RSA