This Summer We Hosted Our First In-Person Workforce Training Graduation Since the Pandemic Began

On June 11th, the 11 graduates from our new Energy and Construction Career Training Program gathered at the headquarters of Washington Gas – our sponsor for the training program – to celebrate their achievement in reaching that milestone. Graduation only marks the beginning of the journey toward the life our graduates are working to build for themselves and their families.

Graduate Isaac Winborne

Hear more from Isaac about his goals and what he learned most from the program.

Isaac Winborne had experience in construction before he enrolled in Goodwill’s new training program. That is why he could name many of the power tools and how they were used when the class did their hands-on assignments. Isaac was quick to share an encouraging word or tip with classmates while they worked in small groups to learn how to frame walls and hang drywall.

Being able to build and create something with his own hands sparked his interest in the field. While he wants to get into heavy equipment operations – like bulldozers, forklifts and excavators – Issac has been reading books about carpentry, architecture and general construction to keep learning all he can about the industry. On job sites the work of each trade builds on the other, he said, and understanding how everything fits together is important.


“This opportunity was great in getting me prepared to get back into the field of construction. I’ve been learning a lot of things in this program – especially being part of a team – and I’m going to keep working hard.”



Graduate Brenda Spears

Hear more from Brenda about her thoughts on women in construction and her journey to become an electrician.

After years as a manager in the retail and restaurant industry, Brenda Spears wanted to make a career change to become an electrician. She realized that she needed to be intentional about making that shift to achieve her dream.

Brenda completed an introductory electrical class learning about different kinds of currents, outlets and breakers. She plans to get an electrical apprenticeship and as someone who didn’t have professional experience in the field, hoped Goodwill’s training program would open doors.

Construction continues to be a field where women are underrepresented, but Brenda sees the career possibilities. She wants to start her own electrical business one day and believes her management experience – combined with her degree in business administration and accounting – will help her be successful.


“I believe training is the key to your success… We learned about professionalism, leadership skills, work ethic, how to give and take constructive criticism, and how to deal with conflicts. These certifications and classes that Goodwill provided will give me more qualifications to attain an apprenticeship.”








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