E*TRADE Financial Corporation Supports Goodwill of Greater Washington

Since 2009, E*TRADE’s valuable partnership has been front and center supporting our Goodwill community through financial contributions and employee volunteerism. 2020 and 2021 were no different. E*TRADE’s unwavering support provided us with $90,000 that aided in the rehiring of many furloughed workers and the reopening of our retail stores. Their generous financial commitments have also helped us provide critical sector-specific skills training to the community.

Through virtual and blended-learning platforms, we expanded our Virtual Career Center and provided furloughed associates with RISE coaching and supportive services. When so many faced layoff and underemployment, this gift supported workforce development and educational programs and services to thousands of individuals from low- and mid-income communities, helping them to achieve economic mobility and financial self-sufficiency. Jacqueline is one of those supported during this time.

Jacqueline enrolled in our virtual Career Navigation Program following a long career in administration at the Show Place Arena. She came to Goodwill with the goal of pursuing nonprofit work that will allow her to be more involved in community advocacy. While classes were virtual, Jacqueline said their instructor Janet Hughes kept everyone engaged and involved.

They learned by doing, Jacqueline said, practicing “communication, leadership, time management, effective teamwork, project management, delegation, creativity, note taking, presentation, and above all else, confidence.” It was a great strategy to engage adult learners, she said, and fostered a strong bond among their class.

“Despite our small number, we represent America’s “melting pot” of diversity. We are: young, middle-age, elderly; Americans and immigrants; White, Black, Hispanic, East Asian, and South Asian. We also have a host of other differences such as: income levels, educational backgrounds, religious beliefs, personality traits, career and volunteer services, and life aspirations. We are a motley crew, but we share many commonalities. Each one of us was willing to devote three weeks of both prime daytime virtual classroom hours and countless evening homework hours in a joint effort to secure more meaningful careers. Even with the work and social restrictions of this pandemic period, that is a huge commitment. This commitment, however, highlights our willingness to change and our eagerness to learn. We discovered early on that we are competitive, courageous, supportive, and witty.”


Thank you E*TRADE for your commitment to our community and helping to provide support to more than 2,900 of our neighbors last year!


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