Goodwill Donation Drives

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Plan A Donation Drive

Organizing a donation drive with Goodwill of Greater Washington is easy and beneficial to your community. Here are 8 easy steps to planning your event (we recommend that you allow 2-6 weeks for planning).
  1. Form a small group of people to coordinate the drive.
  2. Decide on the period of time you will be holding the drive (suggested time is 2-3 weeks).
  3. Register your drive with David Meloy, Marketing and Community Relations Manager, by email or by phone (202) 719-1232.

    It is important that Goodwill is aware of your plans to hold a drive so we can support you along the way. Goodwill will help you by providing PR for the event when possible, promotional materials and assistance in coordinating the drop- off or pick up of the donations.

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