<<Donation Guidelines Posted: 02-24-2014
  • What is Goodwill’s mission?
    To provide job training and career services to people with disadvantages and disabilities.
  • Where are your donation centers? Our donation centers are located throughout the greater Washington, DC area. Find an attended donation center.
  • Where are your retail stores?
    Our stores are located throughout the greater Washington, DC area. Find a store.
  • Will my donations benefit people in the Washington, DC area?
    Yes, all donations made to Goodwill of Greater Washington support job training programs for people with disadvantages and disabilities here in the greater Washington, DC area.
  • Can I make a cash donation to Goodwill?
    Goodwill of Greater Washington gladly accepts cash gifts as well as donated goods.
  • What types of job training programs does Goodwill of Greater Washington offer?
    Goodwill of Greater Washington offers free training programs in unarmed security, hospitality, and career navigation.
  • How can I register for one of your job training programs?
    Contact Goodwill at (202) 636-4225 for information on our programs and how to register.
  • Where are your training program sites?
    We offer free training programs at two of our career centers located in DC and Arlington.
  • Does Goodwill accept computer donations?
    Yes, Goodwill accepts computers in any condition. All computers are reused or recycled through the Dell Reconnect program, eliminating the possibility that any donation to Goodwill will go into a local landfill.
  • What types of donations will Goodwill NOT accept?
    Please read our complete list of items Goodwill of Greater Washington CAN and CANNOT accept.
  • If I lose my donation receipt, will Goodwill replace it?
    Replacement receipts will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Call Goodwill at (202) 636-4225 if you have lost a receipt.
  • How much can I write off on my taxes for my donation of used goods?
    That depends upon the amount of the donation. Use this donation item value guide to estimate your donation’s value.
  • Do I need an independent appraisal for my donation of used goods?
    You may need an independent appraisal and an IRS form 8283 if you are claiming a donation of $5,000 or more. If you believe the value of your donation is over $5,000, please call Goodwill at (202) 636-4225 before making your donation. If you’d like to obtain independent appraisals for items you believe to be valued over $5,000, visit the appraisal foundation.
  • Does Goodwill offer donation pick-ups?
    We do a limited amount of FREE donation pick-ups due to the high demand and limited resources. However, we have partnered with a third party hauling company for a PAID priority pick-up service. Learn more about Goodwill’s donation pick-up options.
  • Does Goodwill accept vehicle donations?
    Goodwill gladly accepts all types of vehicle donations, regardless of condition or type of vehicle. Learn more about making a vehicle donation to Goodwill.
  • Does Goodwill have a volunteer program?
    Goodwill always needs volunteers to assist at its donation sites, retail stores, production centers and administrative offices. If you’re interested in volunteering for Goodwill call (202) 636-4225 or email LaShawn Williams.
  • How can I find a job working for Goodwill?
    If you are interested in working for Goodwill, call our Human Resources Department at (202) 636-4225. You can also view and
    apply online for all open positions at Goodwill.

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