On an average day, 60 students travel to and from Goodwill’s Career Centers to receive free job training. Most lack access to affordable and reliable transportation, making it their number 1 barrier to graduating from our programs, finding employment…achieving self-sufficiency.

Aja was a student in our Security and Protective Services job training program held at the Goodwill Career Center in Arlington, Virginia. This is the story of Aja’s daily commute:

Every $10 gift helps provide a student a day of transportation.

Will you make a gift today to help more people like Aja achieve self-sufficiency?

Support Goodwill’s Job Training Programs

Your Gift Will Transform A Life Every gift supports Goodwill's job training programs for people with disabilities and disadvantages.
Over 2,500 People Every Business Day Find Employment With Goodwill’s Help.

*This statement is based on national Goodwill information.

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