What Will 2023 Bring to Goodwill of Greater Washington?

Thank you for believing in Goodwill of Greater Washington, and Happy New Year!

Thank you for believing in Goodwill of Greater Washington, and Happy New Year!

What Will 2023 Bring to Goodwill?

Thank you for believing in Goodwill of Greater Washington, and Happy New Year!

8 Women-Led Nonprofits That You Should Know About

As part of our focus on Women’s History Month, we wanted to spotlight non-profit organizations founded and/or led by women. At this point, roughly twenty-one percent of all non-profits are piloted by women. All of these organizations are located in Washington, DC:

5 Fun Facts: Women’s History at Goodwill of Greater Washington

March is Women’s History Month. This celebration of the contributions women have made to society began in 1981 as “Women’s History Week”. It expanded to the full month in 1987. This year’s theme is Providing Healing, Providing Hope. We thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight some of the significant contributions women have made to both the inception and continuing mission growth of Goodwill of Greater Washington.

Honoring Our Veterans during the 20th Anniversary of September 11th

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air. Romance is alive. But, is it appropriate in the workplace?

Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of the deadliest attack in history on American soil. September 11, 2001 is a day that will forever live in infamy, with 2,977 lives lost and countless lives altered forever.  

5 Free Programs to Improve Your Leadership & Management Skills

Be proactive. Focus on your professional development. Gain the skills that will take you to the next level and give you the competitive advantage necessary to set yourself apart from others inside or outside of your organization. If money is an issue, there are free resources available that can offer tremendous value.

Ways to Navigate & Overcome Unemployment Gaps

Employers have become much more understanding about employment gaps. They understand that these have increased due to a variety of reasons. Downsizing, illness, taking care of family, childcare are just some of the contributing factors to employment gaps. If this has happened to you – what should you do?

5 Ways to Have Virtual Fun at Work

The point is that even though we're all working miles apart from one another, it doesn't mean we can't still have fun together while at work. It just needs to be virtual!

Declutter Your Jargon

One of our goals for 2021 – besides survival – should be to reduce our use and dependence on jargon. Every industry does it. In the right setting, jargon can be used to effectively communicate with peers in a knowledge-based environment.

2020 Has Been a Learning Year for Goodwill and We Are Grateful!

If not for the ingenuity and commitment of hundreds of Goodwill of Greater Washington associates as well as the support of our very generous community, 2020 could have ended very differently at our Goodwill.


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