At Goodwill of Greater Washington we are dedicated to quality service. If you have a question, want to get involved with Goodwill, or want more information please send us an email. Please include your contact information with your question.

Goodwill of Greater Washington
1140 3rd Street, NE
Suite 350
Washington, DC 20002


Tel: (202) 636-4225
Toll-free: 1-888-817-4323
(Hearing impaired dial 711.)
Fax: (202) 526-3994

General Inquiries: [ send email ]

Public & Media Inquiries DMCA Agent
Brendan Hurley
Vice President, Marketing
(202) 715-2605
[ send email ]
Online Store:
Matt Peterson
Director, E-commerce
[ send email ]
Warehouse and Transportation
Rick Sarai
Director, Warehouse and Transportation
(202) 715-2609
[ send email ]
Workforce Development and the Goodwill Excel Center PCS
Colleen Paletta
Chief Mission Officer
(202) 715-2609
[ send email ]
Career Opportunities
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HR: (202) 636-4225
Car Donations
Toll-free: 1-866-GWCars-0
Donation Home Pick-ups
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