Goodwill of Greater Washington is a caring, local nonprofit organization. Millions of people donate and shop with us every year. However, many people don’t fully understand how their donations and purchases transform thousands of lives right here in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. Through the Now You Know video testimonial series; we hope that the individual accounts of the people touched by Goodwill and your generosity will help you better understand the positive impact you make when you support our charitable organization. Each video is presented through a different lens…a Goodwill program graduate, trainer, team member, leader, Excel Center student, or local employer, and every video tells a powerful story. Now, you know.


Now You Know: Jani and Jamir Woodard
Now You Know: Rose Bailey
Now You Know: Agibu Bah
Now You Know: Musammad Begum
Now You Know: Jamir Woodard
Now You Know: Leroy Barnes
Now You Know: America Hernandez
Now You Know: Roland Simms
Now You Know: Terry Chase
Now You Know: Brandon Briscoe
Now You Know: Andrea Craven
Now You Know: Carolyn Becker
Now You Know: Richard Harding
Now You Know: Kim Gladney
Now You Know: Kia Law

Success Stories

While the Now You Know video series highlights those we employ, we also wanted to share a collection of videos featuring the students from our adult charter high school, The Goodwill Excel Center. Their stories demonstrate true commitment and the ability to overcome tremendous challenges. Each of these graduates is an inspiration and a testament to the belief that no barrier can conquer the human spirit.

Goodwill Excel Center Graduates
Delonte Brooks and Sandra Brooks-Burr
Edward Dyson
Johnajia Foster-El
Jeremiah Hall
Derren Richardson