At Goodwill of Greater Washington (GGW), we are committed to developing a culture that is invested in diversity, equity, and inclusion of all people. We believe our core values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence support this culture. We believe the businesses we work with should also reflect an investment in these same values and actively support a commitment to DEI. In the complex business of operating a Goodwill we have a responsibility to partner with the best-in-class vendors to support our organization and its’ mission. As we establish contracts and develop partnerships with other businesses we will seek to work with the strongest partners and will look favorably on minority, veteran, disability, small business, female-led and/or operated organizations that reflect and share our values.

For significant contracts that require multiple bids or an RFP process, GGW leaders will be expected to incorporate into decision making criteria an assessment of an organization’s commitment to GGW values and the principles of DEI. Vendors will be asked in their response to the RFP to describe in writing how they are committed to diversity and equitable and inclusive practices. While these components are not the only criteria upon which partners will be evaluated, they will be a strong consideration in the overall recommendation.

At GGW our goal is to make DEI a fundamental part of our business practices. As GGW continues to evolve, using this guidance as a consistent practice advances this goal, enhances GGW culture and in turn impacts the community toward positive, fundamental, and equitable change.