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Goodwill Store & Donation Center - Dale City, Virginia

Throughout the year, Goodwill of Greater Washington processes millions of donations. Some end up on the shelves, some are recycled and others are just, well, strange. 

In the spirit of Halloween, we searched out some of the “tricks” our Goodwill donation centers have received…

1. Human Skull

How do you make a skeleton laugh? Tickle their funny bone! At our very own Goodwill of Greater Washington, a real human skull was found within a box of donations. *After examination, it was determined that this donation was likely from a Biology class. No foul play was involved. 

*Image from – this is not the donated skull

2. Shark in a Jar

This unexplained and spooky donation was found at our Clinton, MD location.

3. Creepy Cats

A common sight, creepy cats can always be found on the shelves of Goodwill. This artwork is not exactly creepy, but it does stir up up curiosities!

4. Quirky Lamps

Both spotted at our Gaithersburg, MD location, these lamps are conversation-starters. We are scratching our heads at the combination bunny Jack O’ Lantern light fixture.

5. Is This Couchy Comfy?

We receive some pretty unique couches at Goodwill but this one takes the cake. Its practicality is questionable but it sure does turn heads! This piece was seen at our Clinton, MD location. It was sold within a few days.

At Goodwill of Greater Washington, we do have some restrictions on what we will accept at our donation centers. You can see that list here.

However, you will notice that neither weird, strange or odd appears as criteria on that list.

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This article was written by: Steve Allan

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