Goodwill Donation Center

Donations are the fuel that enables Goodwill to operate. Without donations, we would not be able to provide career paths and training that help people improve their lives.

At Goodwill of Greater Washington, every donation made to one of our donation centers is a part of our special mission: To transform lives and communities through the power of education and employment.

What Is The Nearest Goodwill Donation Center Near Me?

If you have some items you’d like to donate, we thank you sincerely. To find your closest donation center, simply use the search below to find which of the 18 drop off points in the Greater Washington area is most convenient for you.


      Rapid-fire Questions About Donations

      Now that you know where to donate your goods, you might have some follow-up questions. Let’s see if we can help.

      Does Goodwill Always Take Donations?

      We accept a wide variety of items, but while we are happy to take almost any item that isn’t broken or soiled, certain things like damaged furniture, large appliances, and firearms are not accepted at any Goodwill donation station.

      Click here to view a full list of items that we don’t accept.

      And here are the items that we do accept.

      Do I Get Money for Donating to Goodwill?

      No, our donors receive the knowledge that they have contributed to a valuable service for the community. However, Goodwill donors can itemize their donated goods to deduct their fair market value as a charitable deduction.

      Are All Donations Sold at Goodwill?

      No, certain items that cannot be sold, or that are overstocked, are occasionally sold to or exchanged with other organizations. In addition, many of the items that cannot be sold in our stores are sold to recyclers or wholesalers who either resell, repurpose or recycle as much of the material as possible.

      Can I Give a Cash Donation to Goodwill?

      Absolutely. If you want to contribute but you don’t have any items of value that you’d like to give away, we also accept cash donations. A cash gift will help to fund our Work Development job training programs. As a bonus, this gift is also tax-deductible and very much appreciated.

      Ready to Donate?

      We look forward to your visit to Goodwill and are here to answer any further questions you might have. You can also find more questions and answers at our dedicated FAQ page.


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