Ways to Navigate & Overcome Unemployment Gaps

Employers have become much more understanding about employment gaps. They understand that these have increased due to a variety of reasons. Downsizing, illness, taking care of family, childcare are just some of the contributing factors to employment gaps. If this has happened to you – what should you do?

Declutter Your Jargon

One of our goals for 2021 – besides survival – should be to reduce our use and dependence on jargon. Every industry does it. In the right setting, jargon can be used to effectively communicate with peers in a knowledge-based environment.

5 Benefits of Virtual Commuting

The question is – what can we do with this newfound freedom? The absence of soul draining bumper-to-bumper crawls opens up a world of possibilities. Rather than using that extra time for “work”, think of it as “me” time.

The Real Impact of Small Business Saturday During COVID-19

Small Business Saturday is this weekend – November 27th, to be precise. To say that small businesses are the backbone of local communities would be an understatement. However, before we discuss the benefits of supporting these establishments, here are a few facts:

A Goodwill Thanks!

From each of us at Goodwill of Greater Washington, have a safe, blessed, and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

A Goodwill “Thank You” to those Who Don’t Hear it Enough!

Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of people who have donated to Goodwill all those items that have outgrown their homes this year.

May the Road Rise to Meet You!

2016 has been a very big year for us and we have much to be thankful for. During this week of giving thanks we wanted to take a moment and not only reflect on these wonderful things but also to show our appreciation for the people who make those things possible.

You Don’t Have to Clean Out Your Closet to Support Goodwill

While Goodwill is extremely grateful for the immense generosity of those who donated their clothing and household goods to us this year, there are any number of ways you can still support Goodwill if your closet has been emptied.


Shop online or find your local Goodwill to start saving!

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Goodwill job training programs are no cost to students and lead to employment.

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Goodwill career services are free to employ the unemployed.

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