Maria Ponce - Celebrating Culture and Community

Maria Ponce, a dedicated Team Member, has been with Goodwill for just over two years. She is currently a Merchandise Processor at our Annandale Plaza Donated Good Retail location. Maria brings the warmth of El Salvador to our team. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, let's explore her traditions and experiences.

Cherished Tradition: Maria's heart swells with pride as she participates in the CachiPorras parade, a lively celebration held in El Salvador in September. This annual event brings communities together in a vibrant display of culture and unity. She shared, "The CachiPorras parade is a joyful expression of our culture and unity as a community."

Favorite Dishes: Maria loves to share the flavors of her homeland with others. For breakfast, she enjoys Tea and Bread or "Bunuelos." At lunchtime, her go-to is "Chan’ka," a traditional soup. And for dinner, it's "Falso Conejo," a delicious chicken dish served with rice and vegetables. She shared, "Food brings back memories and creates new ones."

Inspiring Figures: Maria finds inspiration in her parents. Her mother, always reliable and a great listener, is a pillar of strength in her life. Her father, who ventured to the United States at a young age, worked tirelessly to provide for the family. His unwavering work ethic and commitment to family continue to influence Maria in profound ways. She shared, "My parents have taught me the importance of hard work, family, and community.