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With the holidays fast approaching, some shoppers celebrate, having completed their holiday lists in time, while others are just beginning. While family and friends are sure to top our lists this year, there’s another segment that is often overlooked. Not because we don’t care but, surprisingly, because we’re not sure what’s appropriate. You’ve guessed it – Holiday shopping for work colleagues! This task is challenging for many and may even have you second-guessing if your gift may land you in the hot seat with your human resource manager. If you’ve ever felt this way, then keep reading. We’ve provided tips and appropriate office gifts that will have your colleagues crowning you the MVP of gift-giving.  

When searching for an appropriate gift for your colleagues, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. No matter how close you believe your work relationship with your colleagues may be, you still need to adhere to your company’s policy on gift-giving. Overlooking this step may cost you more than the price of their gift.
  2. Avoid gifting random items and opt to choose a gift that enhances their lifestyle. Doing so will show your colleagues that you genuinely care and have put some thought into selecting their gift.
  3. Set a budget! Expensive price tags may not only be against your company’s policy, but they may also make your coworker feel uncomfortable. Choose a gift that is reasonably priced so you both can feel at ease with your choice.

Here are 4 fantastic gift options that are sure to put a smile on your colleague’s face. 

Live plants

Thanks to last year’s popularity of owning live plants, many of us now know at least one plant parent who proudly dotes on their indoor garden. Owning plants not only improves air quality but providing care for them has been linked to reducing stress. Surprising your colleague with this gift would not only score you points for being a great listener but also a supporter of their well-being.

Personalized Luggage tags

As the world slowly begins to re-open, domestic and international travel will likely increase. Frequent flyers will be excited and eager to take to the friendly skies once again to reunite with family, relax on warm sandy beaches, or simply experience the wonders of the world. One way to ensure this colleague maximizes their time while traveling would be to gift them personalized luggage tags! They’ll be sure to thank you when they’re spending less time trying to locate their luggage and more time enjoying their vacation!

Bento Box

We all know at least one colleague that frequently brings their prepared lunch from home. In fact, some of us may even envy their commitment to reducing their spending on outside food. That’s why gifting your colleague a Bento Box is such a brilliant idea! With its individual compartments, your colleague will be able to easily pack and store items from each food group! If you choose to gift this item, you can expect regular lunch date invitations for sure.  

Items from


For some, commuting to the office by way of public transportation is a preferred choice. However, it does leave you exposed to weather elements. Rain, in particular, can easily ruin the morning of any commuter if they’re wet. One way to ensure your commuting colleague remains dry is to gift them a sturdy and reliable umbrella. You may even score bonus points if it’s fashionable or even their favorite color! Either way, this thoughtful gift would undoubtedly be appreciated.

These were just a few of our favorite gift options; however, the possibilities are endless. As long as your gift is approved per your company’s guidelines and is from the heart, we’re sure it will be well-received.

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This article was written by: Temica Gross
Communications Specialist

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