7 Most Asked Interview Questions – Virtual World Edition

The best way to steel yourself for any interview is by being prepared. Do your research on the company and, if possible, the interviewer. Calm yourself with the thought that you wouldn’t be here in the first place if they didn’t see value in you. And, develop answers for the questions you know they’ll ask.

How Our Work From Home (WFH) Attitudes Have Evolved Over the Past Five Months

There is a lot of talk about how businesses will operationally adapt going forward. There is less discussion about how the workforce will adapt. More importantly, how the workforce feels about this new reality.

The Second Wave of COVID-19 – Now What?

Sadly, based on the data readily available, it seems that – overall – we are seeing more of a resurgence of the original infection curve than the beginning of a new outbreak. What does this mean to the workplace environment and, more personally, what does this mean to our workday experience as we move forward?

How to Build a Strong Team in a Virtual World

How do we maintain our team spirit? As important, how do we continue to grow a culture of camaraderie when our co-workers have morphed into a two dimensional image? And, lastly, how do we incorporate the “newbies” into our culture?

How COVID-19 Has Changed How We Do Business

Way back in March when things were beginning to lock and shut down, we viewed this as merely a speed bump in our lives. Surely, we thought, this would only be temporary. In a few weeks things would go back to normal. It would become the subject of water cooler talk.

How the Traditional Work Environment is Changing

Fast forward to 2020. Throw in a heavy dose of technology and leaven with a pandemic and we find ourselves wondering – does Robert Owen’s mantra still apply?

6 Tips for Transitioning Back to the Office

Some transitions will be gradual, others more accelerated. Many offices will still incorporate a significant amount of work-from-home hours. Whatever you are facing, do so with a smile. Remember that you used to enjoy where you work. (Of course, if you now find out your current office situation is not what you really want – get to work on your personal career plan). Oh, and pack a lunch.

Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

The term “a new normal” is bandied about quite a bit nowadays. While it can make for some clever memes its actual meaning remains in flux. We are all adapting to new situations when it comes to our work environment. Not the least of which is in how we communicate with each other.

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